My One Political Protest

July 29, 2007

Once, when I believed that the political process would be a fair fight, I stepped out into a heated debate and stood up for what I thought.

Never again.

In my case, I was only standing up to say “Listen to both sides”.  I was frustrated that loud, angry voices could stop the process of a PROPOSAL.   Here’s the set up.  An industry came into our area and wanted to build something that would provide jobs and taxes for our county.  Before this industry could even SPEAK about the possibility, the environmental movement crawled all over the local politicians.  I caught part of it as a council meeting was being televised.  The rabid mean spirited mob mentality of the people who packed the audience was appalling.  The council tabled the topic.

I made the momentous decision to get involved.  I spoke at the council meeting, a first for me, and asked that the process NOT be disrupted by loud and angry voices.  I put myself in front of the Environmental Machine and got mangled.

I participated in a phone notification of the next city council meeting asking people to come out and state their opinion.   Big mistake.

In essence, I put a big bullseye on my back.

When the next city council meeting convened, they had to move it to a bigger location and thousands of citizens came out.  Most of them were angry, radical environmentalists.  As speakers tried to state opinion, they were harrassed, booed and hissed at.  As I waited to speak, a man approached me, shoved his face into mine and snarled “Are you the one who called?”   I said “Yes.”  He glared at me.  “You’re the only reason I’m here.”  And then he left.  I was scared shitless.

And that was what I experienced from the liberal part of my county.  If I didn’t agree with the “No industry, no corporation” mentality of my neighbors, they were not above shouting me down.  It changed me.

Before this experience, I believed that the political process was heated, but fair.  Before this happened, I believed that liberals were going to guarantee everyone had a say.  Before this happened, I voted Democrat and even Green party.

After this experience, I swung away from the liberal preaching and planted my feet firmly in the middle.  I am well aware that the conservative end of politics is no better and they are just as likely to shout down voices that oppose their view of the world.

Just as many who have run into the Christian Extremists and wondered where the love of God is in THEM, I now faced the same disappointment in the Liberal Extremists.  Peace and Utopia is their watch words, their goal.  Yet, when I spoke out against their methods, I was shouted down, reviled.

Today’s media seems stunned by the polarization of this country.  I am not.  We are pushed into the arms of one side or the other.  I am no conservative.  But I must go with the group of people who speak for me.  Currently, the Democrats do not.

I came face to face with the liberal idea of peace and freedom.  And it made me a little bitter.


Post Debate Depression

July 24, 2007

There should be a number in the Big Book of Medicare codes for this disease.

Symptoms include–1. a complete lack of hope in the political process. 2. a feeling that somehow I was just completely snowed. (It is a similar feeling after leaving a bar filled with desperate men and bad lines) 3. complete numbness of brain function.

I watched very carefully, trying to find SOMETHING to hang onto. I know that the Democrats have moved completely away from anything close to my own opinions. I know that my stance on Iraq, on Social Security and on several moral issues separate me from them. Yet, I hoped (for the sake of my social obligations) that I would find some places I could support them.

Instead, Bush bashing seemed to be the call of the day. I don’t care that they don’t like the current administration. They don’t need to tell us all what’s wrong with the current government. We know. I wanted to hear what they were going to do.

I don’t want to hear about the “Comprehensive Package” which means “Lots of money, no results”. I’m not hearing it.

Also, I cringed at the “Mandated Healthcare”. I don’t like mandated anything. Don’t tell me I “have” to unless I’m breaking the law, not getting sick.

The fact remains. We are faced with two parties that cannot seem to find answers for EVERYONE.

So who won? The voters won today. The YouTube forum forced candidates to face the questions with real faces behind them.

Caught Between The Boomers And Their Kids

July 23, 2007

Oh no! Not another political blog. Well, I wasn’t planning it. I was perfectly happy in my normal world that involved juggling a mortgage, feeding two small children and watching the news with a sad shake of my head.

Then, I had to catch a show called “Blogging Wars” on Sundance.

I’ve always been politically knowledgeable. Not brilliant. Just enough to avoid looking stupid on Jay Leno’s “Man On The Street”. In the twenty years since I’ve been old enough to vote, I’ve voted Democrat, Green Party, Libertarian, Independent and Republican. I’ve fought the onslaught of the Baby Boomer influence and now, I’m fighting the surge from their kids. My voice, crying in the wilderness, is only heard when I join the majority.

My one tentative step into activism led was so negative that I vowed to never allow my real opinion to be heard again. I live in small town America. But, in my case, if you’re pro-Bush, pro-logging, or pro-fishing, you are vilified as a war mongerer, a Nazi, a killer. As a result, I plan to remain as anonymous as possible.

I only wanted a place that I can say what MY perspective is on what is going on around me. I don’t expect you all to agree. But perhaps, you might hear one more opinion from someone who votes, who works and who cares about this country.

I started this blog for one reason. The troops. I’m no military wife. I’m not a conservative lackey. Both the Democrats and the Republicans aren’t speaking for the troops. Even John McCain is losing momentum as the Republican establishment recoils from the reality of war.

I support no candidate to date. I’m here to speak up for the men who have served and died. I’m here to speak for one who served and came home. He passed away in 2002, but he served in Korea. Remember Korea? But he’ll come up later I’m sure.

I’ve gone on long enough. Tonight, CNN is featuring the YouTube questions for the Democratic candidates. Let’s see if the ones they pick are real voters or just hand picked supporters, since every candidate begged his/her supporters to submit a question.

Nothing like fixing the race, huh?

Hello world!

July 23, 2007

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